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TikTok tests including shoppable content features via social commerce

After launching the Edutok program, Tiktok starts testing a social commerce platform where an E-commerce website URL link will be added to user-generated posts on Tiktok. With the help of the Social Commerce platform, it will redirect the user to an e-commerce website where you can buy the products or services offered. Social Commerce platform helps to convert visitors into customers.

With the increasing popularity of shoppable features in social media like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Tiktok also seems to be entered in this race of social commerce.

The marketing specialists of Tiktok beginning to show their intentions with its new test of options. With this, you can add links and user bios directly to the videos uploaded.

As you can see in this video, there is a type of button with the bio of the video of “Huxley The Panda Puppy’. If you tap on this button, you’ll be redirected to pandaloon.com/pets amazon page. So this option holds the link to this E-commerce page just like shoppable features on other social media platforms.

Tiktok tests social commerce
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Social commerce is the most advanced and newest trend in the digital marketing world. It refers to sell or offer products to the people on social media platforms.

They’re planning to provide business to use social commerce capabilities on their platform. This will open a lot of opportunities for various Tiktok creators as well as companies.

Taggbox Social Commerce Platform

This monetization advancement will actually help Tiktok to match with the latest trends in marketing. Tiktok can now compete with other of its bigger competitors in marketing aspects.

Several other social media platforms already provide social commerce benefits from a long ago. Marketers can easily add shoppable options to their content on social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

There are plenty of more use cases of social commerce, including images, videos, and blogs.

Instagram is the most effective way to use social commerce to market anything. Its shoppable features are the most effective and advanced in terms of users’ interest and engagement towards your brand. Most of the features on Instagram are capable of doing social commerce activities as one can add shoppable options to its posts, including images, videos, and stories.

For example, online store companies like Nike, Adidas, Marvel used shoppable Instagram features like buying directly from post to engage more audience. It helped in eliminating long purchasing journies of the consumers to the webpages. Also, it helps improve the conversion rates of the product sale.

What Does That Mean To Marketers-

As some time before, big social companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter own the social media market like big leaders. They were the kings of the whole social media industry with their great features.

Social commerce platform ranking for tiktok

But within the last one year, Tiktok managed to make its entry to the social media market with its unique and attractive features. People get excited about the short and simple video sharing format of Tiktok.

Now nearly 60% of Tiktok’s US MAUs aged between 16 to 24 years. It is as same stats as Instagram, and Tiktok wants to keep it this way.

Tiktok’s only limitation is shoppable features like on Instagram and other social media giants. So now Tiktok is entering this side of social media to attract marketers.

The strong reason for this shoppable Tinder is testing out is to gain more interest in investors and marketers. That will be beneficial for all the parties including users and promoters.

How Tiktok Get Benefitted From Influencer Marketing-

Influencer marketing is a concept in which a person markets your product or services through their social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. This person acts as an influencer to promote your brand.

As the major portion of Tiktok’s power is its influencers. So they decided to use it and provide marketing opportunities to the businesses.

Tiktok get benefits of influencer marketing

We have another social media platform like Facebook and Instagram that provides services like shoppable posts. So Tiktok wants to get in the new era of this big bash social media league which provides shoppable content options.

That’s why Tiktok is now moving towards the social commerce industry, embedding products on genuine user-generated content which is a lack in other big platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It gives influencers some opportunities to grow more and still earn accordingly.

How Social Commerce Is Beneficial For Tiktok-

If we look into the past, Tiktok constantly finds the best among the market and try to make it even better.

Social Commerce isn’t the first factor it started to target. When youtube was on its peak with no other competitors in the video platform industry, Tiktok organized the Edutok program in which, it introduced a monetization system that is as good as Youtube.

Tiktok test result of Social Commerce platform

So now it is targeting other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in shoppable content. Now the time Tiktok introduced a social commerce platform as a challenge and started testing out social commerce.

Social Commerce helps in improving conversion rates as people will be influenced by their favorite Tiktoker and tend to have the product mentioned there.

Loyalty towards the brand also increases with the influence of the person presented there. It also helps in free promotion of the product through sharing. People can share their liked product they seen on Tiktok to their loved ones. It can be done bt sharing that particular video in which the product appeared.

There will be easier checking out process through social commerce. People can purchase products they like directly through Tiktok without any searching on the web.

So with all this:

Tiktok is also trying to catch the eyes of commercial industries to gain some market share. This will be beneficial for all the parties included in it in any manner.

So, as of right now, it remains an interesting and very engaging social media platform, and it will mostly be a concern of brands in upcoming years.


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