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Ways To Increase E-Commerce Sales Conversions Using Visuals


It has been a proven fact that visual content is more exciting and engaging as compared to just plain text. In this digital era, it is essential to give a visual delight to the consumer to attract, engage and convert them.  

Visual content has known to be 7 times more effective comparatively. For a user, Visuals are proof of authenticity, originality, trust,  shareable, expressive and initiate an emotion in the viewer.

Especially for E-commerce platforms, Visual content is an essential component given the nature of business. Unlike brick and mortar stores, E-commerce platforms do not have a physical attribute to their products (unless the product is delivered). People tend to trust things more which they can see or touch.

So, we have brought together 5 ways to boost E-commerce Conversion Rate using visual content.

1. Embed shoppable posts on the E-commerce website

Embedding Shoppable Instagram Posts means that you can transform the user-generated content into a point of sale. The users who are using your product and are posting visual content on their social media profiles could become your ambassadors of social proof to your E-Commerce website and its offerings.

Taggshop, a feature of Instagram AggregatorTaggbox lets you embed visual user-generated content showcasing your product into your website as a selling proposition. 

This is an excellent marketing tactic which helps in building trust, community, sense of security among users and also it is extremely cost-efficient and effective. And shopping the product from the visual in real-time helps in reducing shopping cart abandonment as it is less time consuming and requires no extra research.

2. Integrate Videos

Integrating videos with the images for a product would generate a higher conversion rate. Videos can be used to explain the product’s utility, user guide and provide description instead of writing lengthy boring text description which kills the interest of a potential customer. For example – A video description of a pair of Jeans on an online shopping website would be useful for the users to understand how the product would look on them and other feature of it.

3. Employ original product visuals

Trust is a major concern among consumers who shop through E-Commerce. The key reason behind that is a disparity between the showcased and actual product. This causes huge security and authenticity issues among the consumers, which leads to consumers leaving the transaction midway causing a high bounce rate and negative consumer reviews.  Therefore, using original photos or videos of the product world help build more trust and eventually increase the conversion rate for digital business.

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Visualize this conclusion

As an E-Commerce platform, you are looking to make maximum conversions and consumers are looking for fast, secure and authentic digital transactions. Therefore, providing visual content with real-time selling lets the consumers understand and trust the product easily and quickly which results in enhanced revenue generation, online reputation building and eventually maximum conversion rate.


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