How To Add Link In Bio On Instagram

What if we say that a Link In Bio on Instagram can get you traffic & sales like never before?

Yes, you read it right! Instagram bio is the place where brands, influencers, or individuals share their important information, while “link in bio” is the clickable URL that Instagram users leverage to get the specific information.

The link in bio comes into use when visitors find a brand on Instagram (or social media) and decide to learn more about it or buy its products.

If you have an Instagram brand profile & brand store online then you must read this Link In Bio guide to how it affects & benefits you.

What Is Link In Bio?

Link In Bio Meaning: “Link in Bio means a call to action or clickable link found mainly on Instagram, that redirects users towards the particular destination URL.”

From promoting essential information about a product, selling products through shoppable galleries or displaying UGC and much more, the link in bio has a lot to offer to the customers.

Shoppable Instagram & UGC Link In Bio means collecting your Instagram feed or UGC from social media, tagging products to the collected posts to make it shoppable, and generate a unique Shoppable Feed link.

Learn More About Best Shoppable Link In Bio App

Link in bio meaning does not just restrict it to bios but you can share this link anywhere.

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. also provide brands with the option Link in Bio, but Instagram is the most leveraged platform as it helps brands to boost sales, increase engagement, and get more customers creatively.

Why Shoppable Link In Bio on Instagram? Perks for Brands

Here’s a list of a few important benefits of link in bio on Instagram for brands.

1. Take Your Online Business to Heights

With the help of ‘Link in Bio’ on Instagram tools, brands can evaluate & calculate the total revenue generated by each Instagram post through this application.

Once you get to analyze how well your shoppable Instagram gallery is performing, you can then make better marketing decisions in the future.

2. Boost Engagement on Instagram & Website

Tools like Taggbox Commerce help in adding a link on your Instagram bio showcasing either a new blog, new product or any other essential information.

This way brands can gain a huge amount of traffic on both Instagram & the website.

On top of that, they don’t have to even change the Link in the bio on Instagram. How great it is!

3. Increase Interaction Between Brands & Customers

As soon as your website and Instagram account both start experiencing higher engagement through shoppable Instagram gallery links in bio, you can indulge in healthy interactions with your customers.

But make sure, the link in bio on your Instagram profile is satisfying the customers with their searches to find the perfect product for themselves.

4. Increase Sales with Shoppable Galleries

Shopping freaks on Instagram can now leverage link in bio to shop amazing online available options and can also discover new products according to their needs.

And the more conversions your business will experience the higher sales you can achieve through this hassle-free Link in bio on Instagram option.

5. Seamless Social Shopping Experience for Users

Last but not least, what else does a marketer or an eCommerce brand dream to fulfill along with gaining higher sales & revenue?

Well, it is the zeal to provide customers with the best online shopping experience.

Yes and in order to achieve this goal, brands can always look up to professional hand like to serve a seamless, quick & informative shopping experience to the users.

How Does Link in Bio Work for Brands?

With easy-breezy processing & execution, a link in bio unlocks the door of innumerable social marketing opportunities for brands.

All you need to do is to write an attractive bio for your Instagram account and then add the clickable link. This link can be either of your web pages or any other social media profiles that can act as the storefront for your brand.

Here are the basic but highly leveraged links in Instagram bio:

  • Social media profiles
  • A brand’s website or a specific landing page
  • Videos, blogs forms, or any specific piece of content
  • Promotional content & marketing offers


This feature of Instagram might sound very basic to you but it holds great potential & flexibility which is why many eCommerce brands have been putting efforts to grow their business with this Shoppable Instagram feed link on their Instagram handle.

How To Add A Link In Instagram Bio

Here’s a quick step-by-step process for how to add a link in Instagram bio.

  1. Copy the link to add to your Instagram bio.
  2. Log In to your Instagram account.
  3. Click on the “Edit profile” options.
  4. Now edit the bio section where you want to paste the copied link.
  5. Then simply paste the link in your Instagram bio
  6. Finish off the steps by applying the changes

But it can be quite challenging to decide which Link you want to paste in your Instagram bio so that you get the best results along with higher revenue. Link In Bio On Instagram by Taggbox Commerce is a platform that is dedicated to creating unique feed links for Instagram bios or other social media bios or even email campaigns, ads, signages, etc.

The Link in Bio feature is part of the Taggbox Commerce solutions where you can create your Shoppable Instagram feed or Shoppable UGC galleries by collecting posts from social media and tagging products.

Once you create your shoppable gallery then you can generate a unique Shoppable link for Instagram bio for that gallery with TaggShop feature.

You can freely share this Shoppable Link in bio on Instagram or Shoppable links in ads or create shoppable email campaigns or share it in social media stories.

The Benefits Of Shoppable Link In Bio On Instagram

  • Increase conversions and sales with shoppable galleries
  • Boost user engagement with your brand, products, and its posts
  • Drive traffic from Instagram, social media, & other channels
  • Attract visitors your social profiles and shoppable stores
  • Build trust, authenticity, & credibility through Shoppable UGC
  • Inspire users and build loyal customer relationships
  • Execute multiple marketing objectives with one link
  • Generate higher average order value and lower bounce rates
  • Deliver a quick, easy, and seamless shopping experience


In a nutshell, you can rely on this social media trend to grab the attention of your customers, improve your business growth but mainly to strengthen your marketing strategy.


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