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How To Embed Facebook Feed On Website?

The Facebook presence on the website attracts attention. Embedding Facebook feed on website enhance the visual appeal of your website as well as increase user engagement. In this article we

In principle, embedding your Facebook feeds on website is not a bad idea. However, it depends on how you do that. Here you can find out:

  • What Facebook provides for embedding the profile on the website.
  • What other ways to link your Facebook account to your website?

Embed Facebook Feed on Website

Using Facebook Official Embedding Option

Facebook itself offers special plugins. The plugins allow you to easily integrate content from Facebook into your website using automatically generated code. So you can spend your Facebook page within your website and visitors can like your Facebook profile directly from your website. In addition to embedding the Facebook profile, you can also include the “Like” button or features such as “Share Post” and much more.

You can also embed Facebook Post on your website. Follow the simple steps to embed Facebook feed on the website.

  1. Go to the post you want to embed on your website.
  2. Click on the arrow at the top right of your post, a drop-down menu will appear select embed option.
  3. Copy the embedded code and paste on your website where you want to display your post.
embed Facebook feed

Note: If you embed a post onto a website but then change the audience from Public to another setting, you won’t be able to see the post on the website.

Through this method of embedding Facebook feed, you can only embed a single post at a time.

Using Social Media Aggregator Tool

A social media aggregator and embed tool, such as Taggbox, is an excellent way to create quite beautiful and magnificent social media feed walls which show dwell Facebook feed on the social wall that’s embedded onto your site. As soon as you’ve created a Facebook Social feed Wall, then you might personalize it.

After creating the Facebook feed to ensure it is the best you to exhibit, now generate the embed code out of Wall Editor> Screen > Embed In Website> Pick Your Platform(site building).
Here, set the height and width parameters and then click Get Code. A Social Wall includes many incredible features.

Its incredibly beautiful customization features enable you to present your facebook feed within an appealing and engaging way.

Its moderation features allow you to filter out the irrelevant content and keep your content calibre. Not just that, after the Facebook Social Wall continues to be embedded, the Analytics attribute that comes with the social wall will help you assess the participation of your site visitors with these feeds that are embedded.

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