Embed Instagram Feed On HTML Website

Instagram is among the most popular social networking platforms worldwide. It’s about 1 billion busy monthly users.

Instagram has some beautiful features, including stories, filters, and geo-tagging, that attract consumers. User participation is your highest on Instagram than every other social networking platform.

Together with ordinary folks, Instagram can also be employed by bloggers, vloggers, and photographers as a business application. Your job won’t come into notice until you embed Instagram feeds in your site.

Embedding Instagram feed on HTML Website assists you increase user participation, gain trust, and enhances your brand worth. By minding Instagram Feeds on the website, you’re providing user-generated content to the viewers. The Instagram wall to the site will induce the people to spend additional time on the site, and this can help you increase traffic on the site.

Now, we’ll discuss how it is possible to embed Instagram feed on HTML website.

Here we use the tool Taggbox to embed Instagram feed on HTML Website.

Embed Instagram Feed On HTML website Using Taggbox

Follow the easy steps to embed Instagram Feed on HTML website.

Step 1 – Create a account With Taggbox and after that click on create wall at top-right corner.

Step 2- Give a name to your wall and click on create wall.

Step 3- A popup will appear, select the Instagram as your feed source.

Step 4- Select the connection type among Hashtag, Handle, Mentions, Tagged to fetch the posts. Fill the other required details.

Step 5- Continue with entering your Instagram account credentials.

Well!! The connection has been created and within a few moments posts will appear in the Wall Editor.

Embed Instagram feed on HTML Website

Follow the simple steps to embed Instagram feed on HTML website.

Step 1- Click on Display button, present at the lower left-hand side of the screen.  Step 1- Click on Display button.

Step 2- A popup will appear, select embed in website option.

Step 3- Select HTML(website building platform) from that.

Step 4- You can customize height and width as per your requirement.

Step 5- Now click on get code.

Step 6- Copy the code from the box. You can also see the preview of the wall by clicking on the Preview.

Step 7- Paste the code into the body section of your HTML website.

And you’re done Successfully! You will see a functional social wall displaying Instagram feeds on your website.


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