Look-In Instagram Is Not The Only Aspect To Look Into To Increase Fashion Traffic

The visual appeal of Instagram, though important, is now not the only factor that you should look into if you want to use this platform effectively to increase the traffic to your fashion website. More than the look, there are several other factors that you need to consider to make sure that it resonates with your target market and audience.

At present, the platform has more than 1 billion monthly users. It is therefore required for you to know your target audience and cater to their diverse needs just as desired. This will ensure that:

  • They are happy with you
  • They engage more with your content and
  • They perform the action that you wish them to perform.

Remember, the Instagram platform has grown steadily and has now even surpassed Facebook, its parent company, and all other social media platforms in terms of popularity, usefulness, and follower count.

The look aspect

As far as the look is concerned, Instagram has ushered in a very specific look.

This includes: 

  • Bright walls
  • Artistically arranged lattes
  • Avocado toast
  • Millennial-pink and everything in between.

All these are immaculately staged and color-corrected. This gives the glossy-look of the platform that makes it, and the pictures look beautiful.

You will, therefore, need to follow this trend and select photos that will play well into these aesthetic features. Ideally, everything seems to be so precise, prim, and proper on this platform that it seems Instagram and looks are synonymous.

It then moved into the broader world, and today even if you are not using the app, you will unknowingly but undoubtedly encounter an “Instagram wall”. This is a pop-up experience that seems to be specifically designed to be photographed.

The role of the Influencers

If you make the best use of the other useful features of Instagram, it will be easy for you to attract more new followers and increase the traffic to your website. All you have to do is:

  • Select the best photos of your fashion product
  • Edit it using different Instagram filters and editing tools and
  • Post these at the right time when your users are supposedly active and online.

If you consider the resolution of the photos, just as it is required,
it will enhance the look and presentation of your product. Even the Atlantic readers will not miss it by any slimmest of chances.

However, if you want to make the chances of achieving the desired results even better, you will need to make the best use of the Instagram influencers. They will make sure that you do not have to buy real Instagram likes but still have a large number of followers. This is because they have a large number of followers who will now follow you.

Ideally, no one has capitalized on the look factor of the platform better than the influencers. They have found the best way to gain on it and become popular.

A few of them even started photo presets that have enabled them to make thousands of dollars and gain thousands of followers as well. This is the process in which any picture is warped to fit into this mold.

The change in the scenario:

However, just like everything has a shelf life, this too came to be less in use, and Instagram was quick enough to usherin pink walls and pastel macaroons. The influencers are now turning on them.

They are now of the opinion that the photo presets approach is very generic, and this is where it played out. They added that anyone could photoshop a person into the background, but the fact that it remains the same post cannot be overlooked. Therefore now, things need to be much more than manufactured because that is not ‘cool’ anymore.

  • Influencers are now looking for better ways to get more likes and comments because now comments have become the best part of Instagram. This especially noticed among the young influencers who are fast rising. All of them discard the idea of a curated feed and favor a more unfiltered and messier vibe now.
  • The millennial influencers, on the other hand, hauled the DSLR cameras and mastered photo editing skills to create the best shot.

However, the younger generation primarily posts directly from their mobile phones rather than a desktop as done by the others.

Moreover, earlier influencers focused on the brand more and posted things that are shot with a commonality or in a certain light. However, for the younger generation, those rules do not apply at all.

The new generation influencers

Influencers in their teens even go out of their way to make their photos look even worse. It looks like photos taken with an old, traditional, and throwaway camera. Surprisingly, the photos are downloaded millions of times.

In this modern-day, adding grain to the photos is a big thing because:

  • More and more people try to seem candid
  • They post a lot of mirror selfies and 
  • They often post photographs of them lounging around.

They simply post unfiltered and low-production photos of them in peculiar outfits. It means that they typically do not post the same photo twice in a row, which is simply unthinkable by the first-generation influencers. The young influencers do not seem to think about the picture much. They post it, which is why theirs are so unique and appealing.

Relate to fashion

This attitude of the younger influencers can be easily related to fashion, which is also a symbol of uniqueness in the creation.

If only these two can blend perfectly, the results will be overwhelming, with the look factor and concept changed completely.

Therefore, if you are into the fashion business and want to increase the traffic count to your site, make the best use of the Instagram platform by partnering with a young influencer having a large number of followers.


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