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Shoppable UGC Guide For Brands

“Shoppable UGC is the future of successful eCommerce & online shopping ecosystem”

Remember the time when shopping was considered as an extensive and exhaustive activity. The compelling and beautiful catalogs and the stylish mannequins were the only winsome strategy that marketers used to attract customers.

With the advancement of time, Marketing strategies have drifted towards the rising trend of digitalization and modernization.

It has opened the doors for the most satisfying trend of the shopping world, i.e., Shoppable Galleries enriched with UGC, aka Shoppable UGC.

So, no more worry about having an organized and well-designed store. All you need is to have loyal customers to serve you with the most engaging content, i.e., UGC.

Shoppable UGC- The New-Age Shopping Solution

Have you ever visited the Instagram profile of one of the leading global fashion brands, H&M?

If yes, you might have noticed the engaging visual content and the ‘Shop Now’ tags, enabling you to shop the products directly from the post.

Why spare time to go shopping when you can shop even while scrolling down your social media profile?

Exciting! Isn’t it? That with just a click, you can turn your customer’s inspiration into sales.

Infusion of UGC with the shoppable content is a boon for brands. There is nothing better than advertising your products with the most authentic and powerful content online, i.e., UGC.

Expert outline that Shoppable UGC, it is the form of merchandising a product using the customized images posted by the genuine users of the brands, wherein the posts are tagged with the price of the product along with its detailed description, providing the customers’ easy access to purchase.

shoppable ugc

It helps the brands to prompt the customers’ desires and stimulate them to influence their purchase decision.

How To Leverage Shoppable UGC For Your Brand?

Customers’ obsession with vibrant images is getting exponentially high with time. They get influenced by such images and shape their purchase decision, which helps the brands with accelerated sales.

Here we have discussed some of the ways to make the best use of it.

Leverage On Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. provide businesses with the opportunity to turn their posts into Shoppable posts like Shoppable Instagram.

Similarly, they can turn relevant and useful user generated content into Shoppable UGC as well. The process is easy with the curation of UGC, tagging products, and posting them on social profiles.

The BIG CHALLENGE is that UGC is owned by the users so you need to have UGC rights i.e. permission & authorization from users to do so.

So to encounter this, there is a bigger and better solution for creating Shoppable UGC rightfully through a Shoppable Content platform.

Leverage Shoppable UGC With Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox commerce is a Shoppable UGC platform that helps you curate, tag, and publish Shoppable Galleries on eCommerce, website, & online store.

1. Aggregate Best UGC From Social Media

Social media is the UGC pool, so why not leverage this enticing social media content to create an exclusive shoppable gallery.

Considering this, brands and online retailers can curate the best UGC from diverse social media platforms and aggregate it into a single shoppable feed.

This user-generated content can then be customized according to the targeted audience.

2. Tag Products To UGC Posts

By adding tags to this visual content, brands can magnify their sales by reaching the plethora of audiences of this social-media addict world.

Once you have curated the relevant and best UGC that features your products, you can start tagging the featured products with price, details, images, and checkout button.

Tagging the products to UGC posts will make it Shoppable UGC where users can buy the products they see in the posts.

3. Publish Shoppable UGC on Website or Online Store

What about giving your customers a chance to shop anytime and anywhere?

Be it social media, or professional websites, a shoppable UGC galleries & feeds can do wonders with its exquisite design and captivating style.

By displaying the feed on multiple pages like the home page, product page, gallery page, or social media page, brands can enhance the page’s vibrancy. This way, brands can boost customer engagement, which will assist in sales and revenue progress.

Most Important Benefits Of Shoppable UGC

It provides the brands with ample opportunities to become the ace of the marketing game. Starting from expanding customer reach to magnifying the conversion rate, this Shoppable UGC is one of the best marketing strategies to stand out from your competitors.

Let’s explore how this shoppable UGC can turn the table towards the brand’s success.

1. Trust, Credibility, & Auhtencity For Brand

Glossy images of the products garnished with customized features no more attract the attention of the customers nowadays. They are aware of the fact that the purchased product will be far different from the displayed product.

To catch their attention, brands should display the products’ real images with their incorporation in the general lifestyle like UGC Shoppable images. To make this happen, brands use UGC to authenticate the display and reflect the aesthetics of the brand.

By adding product tags to this UGC, brands can advertise their products honestly and can display their product effectively and exclusively.

It acts as social proof of the quality of branded products and therefore builds trust in the customers, which might influence their decision to invest in the brand.

2. Simpler & Quicker Purchase Journey

Shoppable UGC provides the customers with an easy checkout process by allowing them to purchase the product even without leaving the page.

It has reduced the chances of abandoned carts, a common trait of almost every online shopper. Going beyond the action of “Click the link below to shop the product,” shoppable UGC feeds have made the shopping experience of the customers more exciting without any interruptions of CTA’s.

It provides the customers an easy way to shop by directing them towards the payment page in just one click. This has shortened the purchase journey of the customers and has made it even simpler and quicker.

3. Engage Users With Relatable Content

Since UGC is the content created by the brands’ real and genuine customers, it triggers the emotions of the potential customers and connects them with the product in a smooth way.

Apart from providing a simpler and curtailed purchase journey, shoppable UGC feed resonates with modern-day shoppers’ desires and attracts them with the unique and fresh display to shop from every time they search for it.

Also, by using shoppable feed, brands can know their customers’ likes and desires and can have the knowledge of their customer’s behavior.

It increases the engagement of the customers with the brands and provokes them to make a purchase.

4. Get More Conversions & Sales

With the introduction of shoppable UGC, customers can shop their desires even without leaving their comfort zones.

And the best part is that UGC creates a sense of the product’s reliability and displays it in a realistic way, which increases the chances of buying it.

And what’s better than buying the product directly from the post, without any purchase barriers and complex payment journey.

Hence, shoppable UGC provides the customers with the best possible way to shop without any obstruction. This helps the brands with better customer engagement with the brand and therefore accelerates the customers’ conversion rates, resulting in increased sales.

UGC shoppable

Final Thoughts

It is the urge of brands and online retailers to get into the feed of maximum customers and fruitfully engage with them.

With this mindset, brands should shift their marketing strategy towards the customers’ trending need, i.e., Shoppable UGC feed.

It is a great way to humanize your brand and display trustworthy content. It allows you to give a new shape to your ecommerce business with improved brand-user relationship and magnified sales.


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