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Best & Free Curalate Alternative

Curalate is a visual commerce or social commerce platform for online & eCommerce brands.

Visual Commerce is a revolution in the E-Commerce industry. It is a great way to leverage visuals to attract and convert your users into customers. It does a great job of building trust among users and increasing your customer base.

For visual commerce or social commerce or shoppable content or Shoppable Instagram solutions, most people are aware of Curalate only. But here we have listed the best and most powerful platform for all these solutions — Taggbox Commerce

Why Taggbox Commerce Is The Best Curalate Alternative?

“Taggbox Commerce is an eCommerce platform that offers you the following solutions

  • Visual Commerce
  • Social Commerce
  • Shoppable Instagram (Alternative To Like2Buy)
  • Shoppable Content
  • Shoppable UGC Gallery

Taggbox Commerce — The Best Curalate Alternative

Taggbox commerce is specially designed for brands of all sizes, industries, & categories. It allows brands to activate their content by making it Shoppable through product tagging and embedding these Shoppable feeds on websites, emails, ads, and more channels.

‘Best-In-Industry” Pricing — The tool offers best price for all the similar & better features as the competitors combined with best price. Know More

Features Of Taggbox Commerce

1. Content From Best Platforms

In the beginning, it collects content from various social media platforms through hashtags, mentions, account handle, and tags. Once all the content is collected, it is displayed on the dashboard.

You can collect branded, influencers, or user-generated content from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.

2. Product Catalog & Tagging

This is the most important feature where you tag your brand products to the content that you have collected in feeds.

Taggbox Commerce provides vast functionality for your product catalog where firstly you can upload thousands of products into your account using Product CSV files.

Then you can manage your inventory to review added products, edit them, customize them, modify their checkout links, delete products, and more. Also, you can add a single product at a time as well.

Finally, you have the option of Tagging your added products to the posts in your social media or visual feed. It is extremely simple and easy to tag with just 2 clicks.

Once you are done with Tagging, you will have successfully created your Shoppable Gallery/feed.

3. Advanced Content Filtering

It is essential that you display the best and most engaging Shoppable content on your website that will help you get maximum engagement and conversions.

So, with the moderation or Filtering option, you can filter the content to remove unwanted or irrelevant posts from your feed. You can even automate this process to remove the hassle of moderation.

There’s an advanced option for content filtering where you can create your rules for moderation based on which the moderation will take place.

4. Themes & Design

Make your that you Shoppable feeds & galleries align with your website & brand theme by making customizations to it.

You can choose from different themes for your feeds, font options, card styles, layouts, CTA designing, colors, and much more.

There are advanced options to add banner, highlight certain posts, add announcements, integrate custom posts, highlight hashtags, etc.

5. Embed On Any Website

Once you have created your Shoppable feed, now you can move ahead with embedding your Shoppable feed on the website.

You will get multiple website options like HTML, Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Magento, Squarespace, etc.

Just choose your website platform and you will be given an “Embed Code” for it that you can paste on your website and Tada! you will have a Shoppable feed on your website.

6. Analytics For Performance Review

Analytics are extremely crucial when you have to manage and review how your content is performing and how users are interacting with your Shoppable feeds.

With Taggbox Commerce analytics, you can see 2 different versions of insights.

One where you can see & find influencers by exploring who is creating user-generated content for your brand regularly & review the number of posts in your feed and more.

Secondly, you can see how the audience or website users are interacting with your shoppable feed, the engagement rate, user sentiments, views, clicks, and more.

7. UGC Rights Management

Many brands are now using user-generated content in their marketing campaigns. Similarly, you can use UGC in your Shoppable gallery too with Taggbox.

Easily curate UGC from social media, create your rights request, get approval, and leverage UGC to sell your products along with building brand trust, authenticity, and credibility among the consumers.

Get Started Now With Taggbox Commerce

Taggbox Commerce is the best Curalate alternative tool that you can use for your brand or eCommerce store to turn your amazing content into result-driven content.

This will help you increase your brand sales, acquire more customers, shorten buyer journey, provide a delightful shopping experience, enhance user engagement, build brand trust, and activate brand growth

With Taggbox commerce, you get 2 weeks of free trial to explore the below-mentioned benefits.


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