Conversion Rate Optimization

30 Tips To Improve Conversion Rate Optimization in 2019

The process of building and launching an eCommerce business is a stiff peak to conquer. A lot of thinking, planning, and research goes into it. The method of turning your target audience to loyal customers is known as conversion

This is the most critical metric. All of your business decisions need to be made while keeping conversions in your consideration. 

Here is our comprehensive list of 30 CRO tips for the year 2019. We hope that this will be a valuable resource to our readers. 

1. Google Analyticssocial media

Setting up your ecommerce site with Google Analytics is crucial for a business. The service is like a Rosetta stone that shows how people found your website, the keywords being used, the amount of time being spent on your site and whatnot. It is like a CIA dossier on your website. Any delinquency with Google Analytics could set back the business. 

2. High-Quality Images

Have you ever wondered why Kylie Cosmetics continues to whip gigantic amounts of money each year? If you haven’t been living under a rock lately, then you must have seen the high definition pictures the site and social media boasts. There’s a lesson in every successful marketing campaign.

3. Free Shipping

What does it feel like when you purchase a bag for $100 and have to pay $25 for shipping? If you ask me, I would be reluctant to get the product in the first place. Offering free shipping on all orders or at least when the purchase exceeds a specific price limit you multiply your conversions to an almost twofold.

4. Limited Time Offers

Every customer likes to get a good deal that helps them save and gets them genuine products. Perhaps that’s why companies like Hello Fresh collaborate with YouTubers to offer limited-time discount codes. The idea of ‘me-first’ gets hearts beating in staccato. 

5. Simpler Checkout Procedures

If you are a sustainable shoe company operating in multiple countries, then you are already in a very tiny niche. Since not many people are aware of such friendly products, the conversion rates tend to be a tad bit lower than In and Out burger. If on top of that you have a complicated checkout process, then you almost lose the sale.

6. Cart Abandonment Software

When customers share their details but still click out from the shopping cart, then a cart abandonment software becomes a reminder for them to get back to you.

7. Live Chat

Businesses that are conscious about customer relationships often offer a live chat option. This allows consumers to get an instantaneous response about the product, delivery, or any other details that are otherwise unavailable on the website.

8. Information On Data Privacy

Currency for tomorrow is not money, its data. With an increasing number of privacy breaches with significant companies, customers often hesitate to share their personal information. If you ensure the customer of data security, then you are all good to go.

9. Easy To Understand Content

The cardinal for successful ecommerce sites is readable content sans jargon. If your website continues to post Greek, then your English speaking customers won’t be able to lead to any conversions.

10. Visibility Of Cart Content

If your target audience is the white-collar cohort of financially frustrated consumers, then keeping cart contents visible at all times would be a neat idea. This would consumers stick to their budget and potentially return to your store to get the products that caught their eye at a later date.

11. Guest Checkouts

Going back to the topic of privacy concerns, offering a guest option is a great idea. As it allows the customer to purchase without creating an account on the site and saves them the hassle of remembering passcodes or getting OTPs.

12. Detailed Product Description

Complete details about the products are highly recommended for businesses competing online. Accurate information about materials, colors, and possible hazards from a clothing company increases their chances of conversions as opposed to an empty void in the space for descriptions.

13. Prevalence Of ‘Add To Cart’

Superstores often lineup the high priced stuff at eye level to keep the customer adding more things to their cart. You can similarly design your ecommerce store. This little trick will help you increase conversions at an even quicker rate.

14. User-Friendly Structure

Any website with sticky navigation is often blacklisted by customers. Which is why smooth transition between pages and the use of limited yet high-quality images is highly recommended.

15. Allow Customer Reviews

Products with even a single positive review are more likely to be bought than one without. Since reviews are honest opinions, the public trusts them and makes their decisions based on the judgments of others.

16. Display Testimonials

If you provide design services or healthcare, then displays of testimonials add brownie points to your jar. The more testimonials, the higher your conversions.

17. Conscious Returns Policy

The sheer possibility of returns excites the millennial population. Due to the environmentally unfriendly era of fast fashion, consumers tend to change their choices at a breakneck pace. However, when you show that you care, the customer would not bat an eye at purchasing from you again.

18. Mobile Optimization

Since the world fits in the palm of your hand these days, having a mobile-optimized website is a significant factor in your CRO. Remember that slow sites are often rejected before viewing products.

19. Prominent Contact Information

Authority on the internet is established through reliability. When stores prominently display their contact information, the clients feel satisfied with your product. Any ambiguity could be detracting for the consumer.

20. Valuable Content

We suggest that our readers have a blog on their ecommerce sites. Since that enables you to continue posting genuinely relevant content regularly, customers are reminded of your presence. Moreover, also your products.

21. Email Marketing

Sending out mass emails is an old trick from the book of online marketing. It seems to be pretty much a hit or miss scenario if done for inappropriate products.

22. Proper Taxonomy

A sound hierarchy opens the door to conversions. It is crucial for businesses to have a clear category structure so that customers don’t find it difficult to find the desired product.

23. Attention-Grabbing Gimmicks

The use of smart graphics and catchy phrases with a dash of creativity is all you need to create the ideal potion for conversion rate optimization in 2019.

24. Sparse CTAs On A Single Screen

Seeing multiple calls-to-action on a single page might baffle the customer and push them to run away. Hence why we suggest the use of only two CTAs together.

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25. Spell Check

Weak grammar and incorrect spellings are an immediate no-no for many users. Especially if your target audience is highly educated or fluent in the language, then it’s better to proofread your content before posting.

26. Measurements

Keep analyzing your progress without missing out. Create a suitable timetable to periodically check the expansion of your business and any problems that it might be facing.

27. Chatbots

If you don’t wish to pay much money on personal customer care representatives than a pocket-friendly chatbot would become your savior in the dark times.

28. Personalization

Clients today prefer customized goods and services. If you make your client feel special, then you are already halfway through increasing your clientele.

29. Always Keep Testing

Keep testing your marketing methods to ensure that you are getting the best returns on your investments.

30. Filters

Subdivision of products in like categories makes it easier for customers to buy multiple products at once.

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Final thoughts

Remember that you are trying to build a brand and not a flash sale. That’s why valuing customers is the best way for your growth and sustainability.

Author Bio:

About Ashley Rosa: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.


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