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Importance Of Visual Content In E-Commerce Industry

Online retail stores and E-Commerce online stores are swiftly replacing physical brick and mortar stores. A major part of today’s shortcut seeking generation prefers online shopping rather than actually going to a shop and buy stuff.

Reason being, convenience and feasibility these online stores provide. Door-step fast delivery, easy-return policy, uncountable products available at fingertips to buy from, and what not!

But one major aspect that many E-Commerce stores lack at is giving detailed product descriptions which might help the users to make an informed purchase decision. Images and videos describing the products, showing their real-life usage, and sharing customers’ real-life shopping experiences with those products help a long way in creating that long-lasting effect on the minds of the aspiring shoppers.

So, when the power of visuals meets the power of E-Commerce, it gives rise to Visual Commerce, an extremely important concept you must be aware of if you intend to do big in the E-Commerce industry.

What Is Visual Commerce?

Visual Commerce is a broader term which includes aspects like tracking hashtags on social media to discover user-generated content around your brand and products to displaying that aggregated user-generated content on your e-commerce website, thereby bringing your point of sale closer to the point of inspiration. 

This helps to reduce the number of processes in the pipeline of the shopping journey of users. In its most essential form, visual commerce helps to improve the overall user experience on your e-commerce platform. It prompts users to engage, shop, and convert on your e-commerce website, thereby improving your overall brand image.

Importance Of Visual Assets In E-Commerce

Visual Assets have assumed great importance in the E-Commerce industry. Why? For starters, it’s visually so attractive to look at. Those user-generated social media feeds displaying products being used in real-life are so intriguing to look at.

Second, it helps you display social proof and generate user-trust. No one believes you until your words are supported by social evidence. These user-generated images and videos are your social evidence of acceptance by your customers and users. They are happy and satisfied to use your products, hence, they are posting online about it. It’s that simple!

A picture speaks a thousand words! The saying is actually true. You may write a whole article about how good your products and services are, people are less likely to believe you. But if you show them just a few images of happy customers using your products, they will readily buy it the next second. That’s the power of user-generated content! It sells itself.

There are many Visual Commerce Platforms that helps to enhance the overall conversion rate optimization by improving the overall user engagement. E-commerce conversion rates are directly proportional to the amount of user engagement with your online products and services.


Having said that, it must have been really clear to you by now how visual commerce can effectively drive your e-commerce business by improving user engagement and hence the overall sales.

Try incorporating visual commerce into your e-commerce marketing strategy by employing user-generated visuals, reviews, and testimonials. This will grow the overall user trust in your brand.


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