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Top Visual Commerce Trends 2019


With the dawn of digitization, eCommerce has been discovered as a new platform to sell their goods and services. eCommerce is generally a digitized sale of products and services with diverse options of purchase, payment, and delivery. 

eCommerce is a comparatively fast-paced, quickly and globally accessible, perpetually operating, diversified and customization option from offline commerce. 

But what it lacks (or lacked – Yes, past tense) is that it is unable to provide that wholesome shopping experience of brick-and-mortar stores like luminous product displays, sense of touch and try-on facility.

But with visual commerce, they have answered all these critics. Visual commerce is the strategic process of adding visuals like user-generated content, images, and videos to the products of a business to enrich the consumer experience.

We have assembled some latest visual commerce trends that might do the trick for your business.

1. Social media as a store

Social media is bringing the element that we all at one point in our life thought of which is buying something that we came across over social media. Yes, Shoppable post it is. And Instagram is leading the charge on this front. Shoppable post has tagged products in a visual post which you buy from that app or are redirected to the merchandiser’s website to complete the transaction. 

These posts have been trending ever since they were launched and Businesses and influencers are taking maximum benefits of this feature.

2. Incorporation of User-generated content

Visual content like images or videos uploaded by the users is being used by businesses as product displays, engaging video galleries or image feed on their eCommerce platforms to build trust, brand community, and authentic value as social proof.

Over 90% of the online consumers, trust and take reference to user-generated content in finalizing their purchase decision.

3. Importance to the shopping experience

Consumer behavior studies have shown that Consumers give value to their shopping experience as shopping is a leisure activity for them.

Visual commerce is integrating substantial, engaging, authentic and descriptive images and videos on their eCommerce platform using tools like Instagram aggregators to establish an exemplary consumer experience that entices shoppers to feel satisfied and gratified.

4. Visual content and Smartphones

Brands have been optimizing their websites to make them mobile-friendly since the mobile usage has seen a proliferation in recent times with an average user spending over 3 hours a day on using mobile.

With the marketing efforts also being optimized and targeted to mobile users with the key focus being on Video advertisement. As YouTube is the 2nd most accessed application worldwide with a huge amount of users accessing it from their mobiles.

5. VR and AI-Empowered Shopping

Visualization of digital stores and the rise of virtual reality and artificial intelligence has opened new doors for eCommerce.

Businesses, especially Amazon, have optimized their eCommerce platform to be compatible with virtual reality devices and integration of artificial intelligence lets the consumer shop from home or any place in the world with internet connectivity to get the experience of real-time in-store shopping without investing additional time, cost or physical effort.


It is evident that the concept of visual eCommerce has redefined the consumers’ shopping experience by making it more personalized and real for the audience.

Visual eCommerce has answered various consumer-centric problems for the businesses in the digital ecosphere.

What are your views on visual eCommerce, its impact on shopping experiences and its future?


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