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Visual Commerce And Its Benefits

The marketing world is evolving every day. One most common transformation that you can easily notice is the apparent shift of advertising from texts to visuals.

You all must have heard that a picture speaks a thousand words. For this very reason, visuals like photos and videos are more trending and appealing than texts. Users are easily enchanted by visuals. They would easily stop to see a beautiful image but they won’t stop to look at some 5 line text. This is the power of visuals.

What is Visual Commerce

Visual Commerce is an upcoming trend in the e-commerce industry. Including photos and videos as a major part of your website content is a new way of engaging users and attracting their attention and this can be termed as visual commerce.

Visual commerce is not just about displaying high-quality brand images and videos rather it also includes the displaying user-generated content as part of the website content to showcase social proof of the acceptability of your brand among your customers.

People just love watching UGC. It is more engaging and people can relate to it in a much better way as it is people like them who created it in the first place. People love to see the real-life images of the product so that they have a better idea of it.

Benefits Of Including Visuals Into Your E-commerce Website

1 Make Your Home Page Visually Appealing

Many major brands have personalized their home page with visually appealing user-generated images and videos. This helps them to build a strong brand image in the first impression.

2 User Engagement

People love engaging with visual content and especially user-generated content. Studies have shown that lead generation increases by 25% by using the user-generated content.

With e-commerce stores getting more competitive every day, it has become very important for brands to have an impactful first impression and UGC can help in that a lot.

3 Organic Reach

When you use more relevant and user-generated images and videos on your e-commerce website then you have a better chance of getting crawled by the search bots. Search Engine gives preference to the website which is more visually appealing. Hence it boosts your organic reach.

4 Fresh User-Generated Content

When you embed Instagram feed on website using Instagram aggregators or social aggregators then you are giving fresh and relevant content to your audience with which they can relate more.

Social Media feeds are the best visual content. Embedding social media feeds to your website helps you to show your social side to the customers and this helps you in gaining their trust.

Try The Best Visual Commerce Software, TaggShop

TaggShop, an amazing e-commerce solution of Taggbox, is a great way to incorporate visual marketing on your e-commerce platform. It gives you the functionality to embed shoppable social media posts on your e-commerce website, thereby, bringing the point of inspiration closer to the point of sale.

It comes with amazing features like customization, moderation, and analytics that give you 360-degree command of your e-commerce marketing strategy and helps you grow your business.


Visual Commerce is the future of e-commerce business and It can really transform your e-commerce business into a high revenue generating platform for you. Try TaggShop and start engaging your user with the interesting user-generated social media shoppable posts embedded on your website and grow your business.

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