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Visual Commerce – How it works?

Marketing has changed completely in recent years. You just can’t depend on the old marketing strategies if you wish to grow in today’s marketing world.

Nowadays, everyone loves to see visuals. No one likes to read the text without visuals.

The e-commerce industry has evolved a lot in the last few years. Including photos and videos on the website is the new trend.

Embedding photos and videos on the website is the best way to engage users. This is known as Visual Commerce.

Embedding UGC on the website is the best way to engage the visitors. People love to see user-generated content. Some high-quality photos and videos along with UGC is the best combination.

How It Works

Visuals are more appealing than any other form of data.

When you embed user-generated content on your website, you are providing the real view of the product as a visual content to the users so that they can better relate with the product.

You can easily embed social media feeds on your website.

How E-commerce Website Can Use Visual Commerce

As everyone knows the first impression should be the best impression.

Using visuals, you can make the home page more visually appealing. Many big brands have applied the same strategy and this has helped them a lot to drive more customers.

Embedding user-generated on the e-commerce website is a cool way to engage the users. People love to see user-generated content. They are more influenced by the UGC. Studies have shown that using UGC on your website feeds can increase your conversions by 25%.

There are many tools available in the market to embed social media feeds on the website. But the best one is Taggbox.

Taggbox is an all in one tool. You can create beautiful walls and can customize them according to your needs.

Taggbox allows you to embed the social walls on your website or you can also show them on the events or big screens.

Taggshop, a tool of taggbox allows you to create shoppable posts which help the users to generate more sales.


Visual Commerce is a new revolution in the e-commerce industry. You can’t skip it. Embedding UGC along with your regular content is very important. It will help you to generate more leads.


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