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Future Of Visual Commerce

Marketing has evolved a lot. Now you just can’t depend on the same old methods to sell your product. Customers are really smart nowadays. They only prefer the best. Including visuals in your content is the best way to engage the users.

What is Visual Commerce?

Including photos and videos makes your content more appealing. Embedding user-generated content along with the professional photos of the product makes the content amazing.

People love to see user-generated content. UGC helps to build the trust of the users and also helps to lower the gap between the user and the brand.

There are many Instagram aggregators available in the market for embedding UGC on their website but the best one Taggbox. Taggshop, a tool of Taggbox helps you to embed user-generated content as shoppable posts on the website. It is easy to use and has many advanced features which will help you.

Future Of Visual Commerce

1. Visuals Influencing Shopping Behaviour

One of the most important reasons for the great success of many big brands is visuals. They use great visuals on their home page which attracts the users to buy the product.

Including UGC along with the regular content make it more appealing. Studies have shown that using visuals boots the conversion rate.

2. Increase Engagement Level

Including visual on the e-commerce site is the best way to engage the users. Using UGC along with some professional high-quality photos is the best way to engage the users.

When the engagement of the user increases, the chances of lead generation also increases. It gives you more time to pitch the user to buy the product.

3. Consumer Demand More Authentic Visuals

The average person is now spending 2 hours per day on different social media platforms. Users have become more mature now and they understand the difference between the photo shoots and the content created by the users.

According to the studies, consumers prefer content created by other users than the advertisements. This doesn’t mean that advertisements don’t work at all but, the companies need to mix the UGC along with the regular content.

4. Short Form Videos

There is so much content targeted to a each user every day that brand must find a way to deliver their voice to the users. Marketers are now publishing more short-form video content to target the audience. This has really proved effective full for the brands.

Short video content has more impact on mobile phone users. It is important to target mobile users because 45% of online sales are done by mobile phone users.


Marketing has changed a lot in the present day. Consumers are targeted with more and more content every day. You have to find a way to so that they hear your voice and in doing this Visual Commerce will help you. Visuals are more appealing and are the future of the e-commerce industry.


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