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How to Tag Products with Instagram Shoppable Posts

Transforming your Instagram business account into an easy to shop user-friendly platform is a new trend in the eCommerce market.  There are a few social commerce platforms that are allowing you to collect user-generated content from various social platforms and then making those feeds into shoppable posts on Instagram.

One such tool is TaggShop, which is an advanced feature of the powerful Instagram aggregator tool – Taggbox. You can also embed Instagram feed on website using Taggbox. This tool helps you to collect and manage social feeds that are collected from various social platforms. Taggshop is the modern time tool with the best features to offer to its clients. Once you have your feeds at one platform, all you need to do is tag your products in the feeds.

Let your loyal customers’ create your brand story. In this article, we will give you a tour on how to make your Instagram posts shoppable with TaggShop.

Before moving ahead with tagging products on Instagram feeds, you need to read the below article to learn how to collect UGC from your social networks.

How to Tag Your Product?

Step 1: Open your Instagram Wall from Wall Editor.

Step 2: Go to TaggShop.

Step 3: Choose from Tag, Products, and Customize.

Step 4: Go to Products, You can add manually your products to your gallery.

Step 5: Click on Add Product whenever you wish to add a new product to your list.

Step 6: Enter the required details like Product Title, Image, Product Price, URL, and Discount Price. These details will be displayed to your users so that they can make an action to your post.

Step 7: Preview your post before finally submit.

Step 8: If you wish to customize the design of your product card style then you can design it your way in this section.

Step 9: Now you are ready to Tag your Product. Click on Tag.

Step 10: On the Wall Editor, you will see all your user-generated Instagram feeds. You can click the Tag Product option at the bottom to tag your product.

Step 11: Select product/s from the gallery that you wish to tag in a post.

Step 12:  Repeat the process for the feeds you wish to tag the products and make shoppable post.


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