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Benefits of leveraging UGC for E-commerce Website

“Go where the customers are”- the golden rule of any business, precisely defines the emergence of e-commerce. As the consumers went internet savvy, brands have to rethink their marketing plans to get their attention. 

Introducing UGC!

UGC- A Brand’s Best Bet! 

In the present marketing world, UGC has become the go-to strategy for businesses worldwide! In simpler words, UGC or user-generated content can be defined as the pictorial proof of a brand successfully delivering purchasing experience to its consumers. It is the content that is being shared by brand consumers in the digital world and is probably the most authentic way to build a brand reputation among the audience. 

As UGC is not driven by ad gimmicks and paid reviews, it gives a clear picture of a brand product and what it delivers and what it does not! Such kind of honest branding at the business’s end makes the new user want to try the product, at least once. UGC enhances brand trust and credibility in the market. 

How UGC Benefits E-commerce Websites?

In addition to building brand trust, here are the fundamental perks of E-commerce marketing to incorporating user-generated content on a shopping portal or store

·      Builds Brand Authenticity

User-generated content is the best proof to show that a brand delivers what it says! Especially in the retail industry, consumers go through realistic consumers’ images with products before putting a product in a shopping cart. 

.   Benefits in SEO

As per the new Google search algorithm, the rankings will be based on content. If you are creating fresh and relevant content, then your search engine ranking will improve. So the solution now is to get User-generated content where you can, it will act as social proof for your brand which is authentic and relevant content.

Embedding UGC feeds on your website will make it more relatable for the website visitors reducing the bounce rate. So merely, UGC can benefit for SEO.

·      Original Content For Marketing

E-commerce brands such as fashion had to splurge huge chunk of money on marketing campaigns. However, with user-generated content for fashion brands have to do is curate the right pictures and content from the users’ social media and that’s all. What’s better content for marketing than the one by a brand’s consumers? 

·      Enhances Website Performance 

The search engine giant, Google, loves user-generated content. Why? Because it gives preference to websites that have something unique to offer to its users.  

Generally, websites with pictures and videos get a high ranking on Google search results. So, when an e-commerce brand chooses to showcase user-generated content over its website, it indirectly optimizes the SEO. This also puts the business ahead of other e-commerce websites and gives a better shot at converting organic traffic to customers.

·      Drive Conversions and Boosts Sales

Social Shopping sales is a proven fact that users always go for products that have a documented impact on others’ lives. By showcasing UGC on the website, brands could make a positive influence on a potential consumer visiting the website. Also, users prefer raw and authentic content over branded content. So, by creating UGC product galleries, businesses could play at the “brand connection” aspect and improve the conversion rate

Leveraging UGC in E-Commerce Websites

Here’s how brands could use UGC in e-commerce websites-

·      Introducing UGC in Product pages

Consumers crave authenticity. If a shopper is visiting a website to purchase something, he/she doesn’t want to see standard product images that are photoshopped to perfection. On the other hand, if the product images are replaced with Shoppable UGC gallery from existing consumers, it delivers a strong message about product authenticity! Seeing real consumers using the same products builds brand trust in customers’ eyes and they are more likely to purchase the product. 

·      Using Photos For Product Review Page

Shoppers look for product reviews before even thinking of buying a product. While wordy reviews are good, they create a stronger impact when coupled with images. By introducing “image option” in the product review section, brands could give a preview to website visitors how a product might look on them- the fit, the color, etc. UGC on the product review page adds to the credibility factor of an e-commerce brand. 

·      Showcasing Consumer Experience On Product Pages

Brands go to great lengths when it comes to advertising intangible products such as a service or software. As there are hardly any users’ images using the product, it becomes difficult for a brand to leverage UGC on the website. 

Or is it?  

When a brand is not selling tangible products like clothes and jewelers, it can focus on getting customer feedback about product features instead! Consumers’ experience, also a form of UGC, is a powerful way to show how your product is making a difference in your consumers’ lives.  


By Embedding user-generated content in the e-commerce website through a visual commerce platform, a brand could stand out from the crowd through relatable content. People believe other people over brands. They want a human connection rather than scrolling through many lifeless shopping portals. UGC offers precisely that to them- no barred, uncensored, honest reviews. 

Brands could facilitate smart buying decisions by sharing user-generated content over the website and also market themselves as the most trusted brand. All they have to do is to know how to leverage UGC to their benefits. Well, they could start with a website, to begin with!


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