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Email Marketing Ideas for E-commerce Websites

Before you send a large number of emails to your customers, it’s important to define goals for your email marketing strategy for email marketing for ecommerce website. To build a house you need a good foundation, and in this case, the foundation will be your goals.

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If you write emails without a sound strategy, you risk sending out irrelevant campaigns that result in a low click-through rate and an astronomical unsubscribe rate. And that’s not what interests you, is it?

The target of your ecommerce email marketing should be 

  • Build new customers.
  • Rise sales.
  • Receive reviews and opinions.
  • Offer information to customers (about special offers, new products …).
  • Present your company and your exclusive points of sale.

Email Marketing KPIs Framework

Obviously, you don’t have to opt for just one of these aspects. However, in view of the many possibilities offered by the field of email marketing, the ideal is to have a few objectives clearly defined. If you focus on the ones that are most important to you, you can use your resources efficiently and avoid wasting time creating email content that does not add value.

Instead, make sure you tailor the email campaign to your needs.

Email marketing for small business tips for ecommerce

In each of these campaigns, you should always keep in mind the five most important elements of any email strategy: content, design, data, tactics, and deliverability.

1. Spend time on email content and design

When developing your email marketing strategy, one of your main concerns should be working on your email content and design. Unattractive themes do not encourage customers to click on e-mail, and because of poor design, customers are less likely to find the right product for them. In fact, it could even cause them to unsubscribe.

The first thing is to optimize the subject and the preview text. At the end of the day, it’s the first thing subscribers see, and what makes them decide whether to open the email or not.

Bet on ecommerce email marketing agency that arouse curiosity, giving the impression that the reader is missing “valuable” information and making you want to click on the email to continue reading. What fabric is in fashion? What’s the latest for this season? 

For content to be quality, it has to be personalized and relevant. For its part, a good design must incite action, as for example the presence of discounts or promotions.

Learning different types of email will allow you to target different audiences and target those same audiences in different ways. Sending identical promotional emails each time with slightly different texts can end up in a massive scare of subscribers.

Email marketing must be diverse and creative, as with any marketing strategy.

  • Marketing emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Automated emails

The transactional ecommerce email marketing services are sent to customers after an action such as purchase confirmations, checking account or password resets.

They can be used to include coupons that encourage customers to spend more: the higher the purchase amount, the greater the discount. They are also useful to promote the new collections with an offer or betting on creativity. Create value where customers have not seen it.

2. E-commerce mail 

Finally, auto emails are prompted by mileposts. They can be automated in various ways depending on the customer basic data. Automated emails can include welcome, opinion-gathering, anniversary and retention emails. For example, if a user purchased a product from your store, you can send them an automated email after a week to ask if they liked it, if they would buy one for a friend, or perhaps ask them to leave a review.

3. Avoid mistakes before shipment

It is irreparable that you make mistakes (or get lost in the details) when you send these types of emails for the first time. 

To work around this, send a test email to make sure that everything is displayed correctly, that no errors are displayed, and that the e-mail is responding.

These are e-mail campaigns that you need to use in a variety of situations.

 Welcome Mail

If you welcome a new “member” to your subscription list, we’ll send you a welcome email with content that adds value. This is a great opportunity:

  1. Present the company and the product.
  2. Share your social media channel with your subscribers.
  3. Summarize the types of emails you send.
  4. Provides important links.

What you want to convey is a positive and reliable first impression of digital marketer email marketing

 And new subscribers would like to receive the classic newsletter

You will have to make sure that the new subscribers who are coming to your list stay on it. How? Well, offering them valuable content.

Obviously, the exact content depends on your business model and your customers. As an e-commerce company, you can provide the following content:

  • Advertise your product.
  • Product guide.
  • A preview of the news in the immediate vicinity.
  • Engaging and interesting content (videos, etc.)
  • Interview with clients.

Before sending emails or setting a final template, ask all your teammates to stop by the email editor to comment on the design, and subject your campaigns to A / B tests to identify what part of the content, design, subject or CTA generates more interaction.

It is recommend that you do not send emails from an absurd “no-reply” address. “No-reply” emails are those annoying emails that you sometimes receive from some companies that make it very clear that they don’t want to hear from you.

Subscription Email Templates for E-commerce Sites

An essential element that you have to add to your channels is a unsubscribe button. Yes, adding it can mean that your list is reduced, but most importantly, it allows your audience to clean up your subscriber lists for you. By eliminating those customers who prefer not to continue receiving your emails, you are guaranteeing that you only send them to the most active.

Remember, these are the main email tips for ecommerce companies:

  • Combine quality content with smart design to bring customers to your products.
  • Learn what the different types of email are to get the most out of the ROI of emails and do not send emails from do-not-reply addresses. It is detrimental to business.
  • Use multi-channel approaches to incentivize subscription, but also make it easy to unsubscribe so you don’t send emails to people who never read them.
  • Keep track of customer data and email to find out what works and what doesn’t.
  • Make sure your emails don’t end up in the spam folder. You just have to be smart when sending emails and follow the advice above.

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a web development company in Atlanta. That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.


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