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Website Widgets: What Are They and Why Do We Need Them?

Whenever we listen to the word “Widget”  all of the sudden pictures of the website sidebar with google ads or some social media feeds box on a website pops us in our mind. Is it so??

 If you’re thinking this is all about the widget, then you have no idea what a widget is and how website widgets have become an omnipresent affair on each and every website.

In the simplest word, a website widget is a third party application that can be embedded into the website to provide extra functionality that the website could not have the capability to perform otherwise.

Why Do We Need Widgets?

Widgets nowadays come in lots of variety thus providing almost all the functionality that a website needed to engage with their users.

It is easy to embed on a website so the person with no coding background can also very easily add it on the website, Just by installing its plugin from the third party or just by copying and pasting the source code into the website.

On the other hand, widgets are maintained by the third-party hence one does not need to worry about its maintenance and time to time updation.

So if one is looking to add functionality website without getting into the complex coding to make the website dynamic then widgets are the ones you must look forward too.


Booking & Calendar Widget: If your website needs the functionality to book an appointment or the functionality to set the daily task and reminder using a calendar.

Then all you need is to embed  Booking  & calendar widget  on your website

Some of the most important calendar widgets are Schedule Once and Calendy.

Social Media Feeds Widget: it is no doubt that social media content on website builds trust among people who are visiting the website in hand giving the website an aesthetic look and feel.

Taggbox widget is one of the best social media widgets that one can look forward to, one can easily integrate and embed social media content from all platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. just by copying and pasting the source code from its panel.

Moreover is comes in with many themes and tools thus one can easily moderate the feeds or run hashtag tag campaign with the help of these widgets.

Taggbox also provide real-time analytics helping you to understand the mood of the user.

And it provides lots off beautiful themes to choose from that provide an aesthetic look  your website.

Customer Service Widget: Customer Service is heart and soul for any business when it comes to brand value and customer retention. 

But for any small business creating solely dedicated service could be really expensive but with the help of widgets like Olark and Userlike one can add customer service channel from its site

Analytics Widget: E-clincher is the widget to go for if you’re looking to track and analyze the website traffic all through the same dashboard. It not only provides you details of the real-time traffic on your website but also gives you inhand information about the search queries as well.

Mailing List: Mailing list is one of the most important and effective ways of a promoting blog or product to our email subscribers.

Embedding widgets like mail chimp on the websites can help you to create and send the pre-existing newsletter to our subscribers. It is also very easy to set up and is also very cheap.

The best part is that the it is very easy to embed on a website all you need to do is copy and paste the source code to the website.

Social Media Button Widget: Social meida is bets platform to bring the user engagement in  our website so it’s always a better option to allow the user to share our website content directly on his social media platform

Nowadays, one can easily add a social media button on the website just by using the  AddThis widgets on website, all you need to do is to copy and paste the source code to your website.


Now you must have got an idea of how useful webiste widgets are for us and how important they have become for us.

Nowadays widgets are responsible and capable of performing all the major function functions like searching, analytics, customer service, etc.

It is no doubt that website widgets are popular because of their user-friendliness and auto updation with time.

In the mere future, we will be able to witness more and more amazing widgets that are going to change the way our website functions

If you like this blog please share with your friends and comment down what are some of your favorite widgets.


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