Instagram Aggregation: What is it and Why So Useful!

Wondering what exactly is Instagram aggregation and why everyone is talking about it? Don’t worry! This blog will guide you thoroughly about what is Instagram aggregation, what are Instagram aggregator tools and why every digital media enthusiast is talking about it!

What is Instagram Aggregation ?

Instagram aggregation is a powerful way to curate, moderate and display Instagram feeds by hashtags, mentions or handles on any digital screen or signage solution. Instagram aggregation is done by specific tools called Instagram aggregators. Taggbox is one such tools which aggregates and allows you to display and embed Instagram feed beautifully with automatic and manual moderation facility! 

Best Instagram Aggregator Tools – 2019

There are a number of Instagram aggregators present in the online market today, to name a few, we are providing you with a list of best Instagram aggregators of 2019 which you can consider while thinking about displaying live Instagram feeds for events attendees or increasing website traffic !

#1 Taggbox 

Taggbox is considered as the best instagram aggregator tool as it comes with a handful of themes and customization options which lets you display live instagram feeds beautifully along with automatic and manual moderations(with the help of profanity filters). This amazing and robust Instagram aggregator also comes with real time updates which no other aggregator provides, means when someone posts anything about your brand, product or service with a particular hashtag or mention, the post appears on the screen or website on real time basis! Taggbox also comes with 24*7 customer support, smooth user interface and many more features which you can check out here.


Walls is a decent consideration while choosing one Instagram aggregator from numerous options. This amazing instagram aggregator comes with a handful of themes, customization options, moderation panel, decent support system but not instant updates. 

#3 Tint

Tint is the only Instagram aggregator which comes with all the user generated content rights which give you wings and let you embed any post without any sort of legal issues. Tint also comes with a decent number of themes and customization features which lets you make your instagram wall look amazing and compatible with your event or website theme. 

Points to Consider While Choosing an Instagram Aggregator

There are a number of points which you must consider while selecting the best Instagram aggregator, let’s not waste time and jump directly onto it!

#1 Updates Time

Update time is the most crucial point while selecting a instagram aggregator tool for events because the how frequently the feed refreshes is the most important point to look upon in any event. Instagram wall will be of no use if it does not show real time feeds, so choose carefully, your instagram aggregator must show real time feeds. 

#2 Themes and Customizations

The aggregator tool you are interested in must provide with a decent number of themes for display as well as for embedding it on any website. Along with themes, the tool you are choosing must also have customization possibilities so that the wall can be customized and designed according to your website or event theme. 

#3 Support System

Displaying live instagram feed in events is a real time process and facing any technical issue at that time can be really dangerous for your brand and product image hence the instagram aggregator you are choosing must come with dedicated support system to solve any issue right on the spot!

#4 Moderations

Real time event use comes with real time problems, any negative post can hamper your brand image, having an automated and manual moderation option before every post goes live is a must to have!

So this was everything you needed to know about Instagram aggregation and Instagram aggregator tools, hope you know understand it better than before!

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