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Foursixty Alternative For eCommerce: Taggbox Commerce

Exploring a Foursixty alternative? You are at the perfect place. We have listed an alternative to Foursixty and why it is the best one.

Let’s get started!

Foursixty is a popular platform delivering Shoppable Instagram & UGC solutions to ecommerce brands and online stores.

Similarly, TAGGBOX COMMERCE — the perfect Foursixty alternative offers these solutions and even many more.

Nowadays brands and businesses are increasingly leveraging social commerce solutions like Shoppable Instagram feeds, shoppable UGC galleries, visual commerce, etc.

Read what s Taggbox Commerce and why it a perfect Foursixty alternative?

What Is Taggbox Commerce?

Taggbox Commerce is an exceptional platform providing Shoppable Instagram & UGC galleries, visual commerce, visual marketing, and social commerce solutions especially intended for online brands & businesses. The platform serves as the best Foursixty alternative by delivering more refined and advanced ecommerce success solutions.

With these solutions, brands can turn their social content & UGC into shoppable galleries and integrate them on their ecommerce site or online store.

These shoppable galleries help in enhancing the shopping experience, build social proof, attract traffic, increase conversions, drives social sales, and magnifies revenue making it the best Foursixty alternative.

Foursixty alternative

Why Taggbox Commerce Is Best Foursixty Alternative?

1. Curate Content From Diverse Social Platforms.

Social media content is the backbone for creating shoppable social galleries for both Foursixty & Taggbox

Although with Taggbox Commerce, you can curate visual content from 15+ social platforms, including majors like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest. Also, you can collect customer reviews from platforms like Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Yelp, Airbnb, and more.

You can also curate the most valuable user-generated content from social platforms through hashtags, handles, mentioned, tags, etc. UGC campaigns are becoming bigger across all industries.

2. Best Pricing In The Industry.

Pricing is always a key metric that influences our investment decisions. Since, we all want to achieve maximum returns with minimum investments.

While Foursixty provides you the shoppable features for $300/month whereas you get more features in Taggbox Commerce with starting price of @79/month.

Being the best Foursixty alternative, The greater benefit with Taggbox commerce is that it offers 2 weeks free trial to all users. With the free version, brands and businesses can explore the possibilities and vast shoppable solutions.

3. Exciting & Valuable Customization Options.

Designing and moderation is a crucial part of creating result-driven shoppable Instagram and UGC galleries for your ecommerce site or online store.

Taggbox Commerce offers multiple themes, layouts, styles, colors, and design elements to make your shoppable social galleries more exciting, engaging, and appealing.

Besides, Taggbox commerce offers advanced content filtering options to moderate content galleries, create custom rules, add profanity filter, and enable automatic moderation — making it the best Foursixty alternative here too.

4. Get Rights To Users’ Content Directly.

As more and more ecommerce brands (actually all brands) are realizing the importance of trust, authenticity, and inspiration — UGC campaigns are gaining massive popularity.

Taggbox is helping thousands of brands across all industries globally to curate and leverage user-generated content in their marketing or brand campaigns to boost sales, growth, and ROI.

Foursixty also offers UGC rights management, but Taggbox is leading the race in the UGC rights management domain. You can curate and manage content rights seamlessly and legally without any hassle.

5. Integrate Popular eCommerce CMS Platforms.

The eCommerce industry is a massive one, with unique solutions being implemented by every brand/business. Similarly, there are multiple options for brands to choose from different ecommerce CMS platforms.

What’s easy is integrating Taggbox Commerce solutions with all and every popular CMS platforms, be it Shoppable Instagram on Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Wix, BigCommerce, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, etc.

Taggbox Commerce offers way more integration options than other competitors making it easily accessible and open to all the ecommerce brands and online stores.

6. Gallery Performance Analytics & Insights

Performance analytics and insights play a huge role in optimizing and delivering successful shoppable campaigns consistently.

Taggbox Commerce offers performance analytics with in-depth insights for your ecommerce shoppable galleries like tracking clicks, impressions, CTR, sentiments, most popular users, post types, and more.

Being a Foursixty alternative, The highly accurate and detailed insights into gallery performance from Taggbox Commerce help you find key performing metrics, explore low-performing areas, and much more.

Taggbox Commerce — Shoppable Instagram & UGC Platform

Taggbox Commerce is the best Foursixty alternative that provides seamless solutions around Shoppable Instagram, shoppable UGC, social commerce strategy, and shoppable social galleries for online stores and ecommerce brands.

Foursixty alternative

This will help you increase your brand sales, procure more clients, increase conversions, give a great shopping experience, improve client commitment, assemble brand trust, and initiate brand development.


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