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Bazaarvoice Alternative & Competitor: Taggbox Commerce

In today’s advanced digital era, many eCommerce platforms and online stores lookout for eCommerce marketing platforms to drive conversions, maximize ROI, enhance eCommerce experience, and build social proof for their brand, and much more.

Bazaarvoice is one of the major platforms in the eCommerce marketing industry, providing solutions to social commerce, UGC, customer reviews, etc.

Nowadays, a brilliant platform — TAGGBOX COMMERCE is becoming the perfect Bazaarvoice alternative.

It has more features, is cost-efficient, trustworthy, and performance-driven.

Read the blog till the end to know why Taggbox Commerce is the best Bazaarvoice alternative.

What is Taggbox Commerce?

Especially curated and designed keeping in mind the requirements of online businesses and brands, Taggbox Commerce is a phenomenal eCommerce marketing platform. The platform serves as the best Bazaarovice alternative by delivering more advanced and appropriate eCommerce solutions.

The solutions include Shoppable UGC galleries, Shoppable Instagram galleries, UGC rights management, visual commerce and marketing, customer reviews, etc., that brands can incorporate into their businesses/online stores.

Bazaarvoice alternative

Using these solutions, Taggbox Commerce enables brands to convert the content of the customers into conversions. Brands can gradually increase their conversions, show the brand’s authenticity, grow sales, increase user engagement and enhance the shopping experience of their customers by providing them a perfect and seamless experience making it the perfect Bazaarvoice alternative.

Why Taggbox Commerce Is The Best Bazaarvoice Alternative?

Competitive Pricing

Pricing plays an important role while deciding on an eCommerce marketing platform. Being the perfect Bazaarvoice competitor, Taggbox Commerce offers a highly competitive price with more advanced features at a much lower price than Bazaarvoice.

While you end up paying thousands of dollars on Bazaarvoice, Taggbox initially offers 2 weeks of trial free of cost!

You can upgrade later and avail better solutions at a starting price of @79 per month and an all-inclusive premium package of @159 per month.

You can go ahead and make your choice now. All we can say is Pricing matters! and this Bazaarvoice alternative has it best.

Multiple Platforms To Collect Content From

Customer reviews and social media content are the most integral part of both platforms. With Taggbox Commerce, you can curate visual content from over 15+ social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest.

You also can collect content from other platforms like Google reviews, Aid Bnb, Facebook reviews, etc.

You can efficiently collect content from all these platforms, be it in the form of photos, videos, reviews. You might as well collect and aggregate UGC using mentions, tags, highlights, profiles, etc.

Customize as per your preference

Mostly all eCommerce platforms have their unique themes and designs. However, it is mandatory that your customers feel like a part of your brand rather than a marketing platform.

Being the best Bazaarvoice alternative, Taggbox Commerce gives the users the option to design and customize the overall look as per their needs and requirements. You can choose from multiple themes, layouts, fonts, colors, and branding options.

Monitoring the kind of content that you upload is important. The content filtration option, automatic moderation, profanity filter are all advanced features in the moderation panel.

Get The Rights To User’s Content

As more brands are moving towards User-Generated Content, UGC rights are slowly gaining more popularity.

Taggbox Commerce understands how publishing content without the creator’s consent can be highly offensive and irritating for them.

Hence, Taggbox Commerce gives you the facility to get content rights directly from the customers legally and seamlessly.

Taggbox is leading the race in the UGC rights management domain, and thousands of brands are creating UGC campaigns using Taggbox.

Integration with Multiple Website Building Platforms

Be it HTML, Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify, etc., integrating Taggbox Commerce solutions to different CMS platforms is an easy-to-do task that can be performed without any technical expertise.

Taggbox Commerce offers more integration options than its competitors, making it easily accessible to all online brands/businesses.

Measure the performance & Gain insights

Analytics plays an integral part in building a successful and consistent eCommerce marketing campaign. Hence, it is essential to utilize a platform that offers detailed analytics to the users.

Taggbox Commerce offers in-depth insights for your eCommerce shoppable galleries like total impressions, number of clicks, number of visitors, and more.

Being the ultimate Bazaarvoice alternative, Taggbox offers highly accurate and in-depth analytics that allow you to measure the campaign’s metrics and make changes if required accordingly.

bazaarvoice alternative

Summing It Up

Taggbox Commerce is indeed the best alternative to Bazaarvoice that you can use for your eCommerce brand/online store and achieve great results. With Taggbox Commerce by your side, you can surely increase your user engagement, brand awareness, brand value, attract more clients, increase your conversions and eventually boost your sales.


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