How to spy on windows browsing history with Computer spy software

Browsing history can reveal a lot about people. Their watch list and search history explain pretty much about their interests and what they are looking online. Talking about the revelations, your teenager kids can get affected with too much harmful information on the internet. One thing leads to another and can do unpredictable damages. TheOneSpy software for windows PC brings relief to your troublesome mind by giving you the authority of watching and recording browser history of the targeted system. This browsing history spy app will assist parents in many different ways as the features are not entirely limited to history. 

Therefore, if you are willing to take it in consideration for the safety of your children, you have landed to the goldmine. TheOneSpy is itself a remarkable software that allows you to access the data that your children are hiding from you. 

It is always a great idea to be friends with your kids, but as we live in a digital era, they might feel insecure about sharing their personal interests with parents. The choice of not sharing too much can be lethal for the kids at many levels. So, protect your children by looking upon them through the spy software. 

Process of installing the spy software on Windows PC

Here we are only talking about the one feature, but it comes along only after purchasing the full software. Before you go further to know the way to use this feature. You will need to know about the installation and activation process. Well, the process is not difficult, parents who lack tech knowledge can easily find the instructions and follow them to ensure the process goes smoothly. The first thing you need to do is to go to the official website, get started with the installation process by purchasing subscription. Completing it, you need to activate the software on a target device. And for that, you will need physical access to the device as the remote installation is just useless. 

How spying a browsing history feature can help you?

I believe that you have gone through the installation process and now you need to know about the feature so, you can use it properly. First of all, the browsers that are easy for the software to get information include:

  • Internet explorer
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox 

So, if you want to sneak into your child’s privacy, TheOneSpy has the plan for you. Grab the device, activate the software by following the given instructions through and email and you will get n access to the complete browser history. 

Working on the browsing history tool

There is a browsing tracking tool that will provide you with all the reporting of history including bookmarks. If you feel the need, you can further benefit from the website blocker tool to prevent your children from visiting any damaging content online. These reports about history are quite user-friendly. As a parent, you have the advantage of saving your children before they get into something harmful. 

While you are looking for the one feature, you will be getting some other features too with it. So, if you are sure and certain about spying anyone for a good reason, you can install the app anytime. 


The spy of like TheOneSpy is no less than a helping hand for the parents. We all know that talking and keeping the communication doors open is not always a best choice. Sometimes, you have to take a control in your hands and be aware of any upcoming damages. Children are possessions that won’t matter, but they are your loved ones and you don’t want to see them hurt in anyway. So, the application is a way to get to know them and save them from any mishaps happening around the online world. 

The browser history spy app is helpful and easy to purchase. Remember, you are only doing it for the betterment of your children, you surely don’t want to put them at the risk of danger. So, make your decision count in an advantage of your kids. Install the application and ensure the best for your loved ones. 


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